The current funding round opened on the 1st February 2023 and ends on the 28th February 2023. Details and application criteria can be found below. To be eligible to apply you need to be an annual or institutional member of The Coral Reef Research Hub.

About our grants:

The grants are aimed to help fund a specific part of undergraduate or postgraduate academic research projects, such as dive costs, accommodation or living expenses. Grant amount is usually in the region of $500. Projects do not have to be strictly related to coral reefs, but can also include work on associated habitats and fisheries.

The following we be prioritised:

1) Field-based projects that clearly demonstrate coral conservation impact, especially those whose work is aiming to help preserve coastal reefs for future generations

2) Students with financial challenges who can clearly demonstrate their project’s need for funding

3) Original research that will continue beyond the scope of the project, and is supported by the local community

To make your application you will need to do the following:

1) Post a short 1-2 minute video to our Facebook group clearly explaining your research project and why you are applying for CoRR Hub funding.

2) Send us a one page cover letter telling us about your research and how you hope it will help support our priority areas

3) Send us a two to three page summary of your research proposal with full budget breakdown and details of how you plan to meet these costs. You should clearly state which cost the CoRR Hub Grant will be used to fund

4) Provide us with letter of support from your project supervisor or academic institution and a copy of your resume

To be eligible it is preferred that you are a student conducting a research project under the guidance of a recognised academic institution. You must also be an annual or institutional member of The Coral Reef Research Hub. Institutional members can however put forward non-members for consideration.

How much funding can you apply for?

There is no max or min grant amount, but as stated above we are currently looking to fund an aspect of a project in the region of $500. Ultimately though it depends on the amount and quality of applications and the funding we have available (this funding comes directly from membership fees). We hope as our organisation and associated network grows we will be able to increase contributions significantly, and also offer help to a wider range of projects. We suggest that in your budget breakdown you detail different project costs of various amounts and then we can choose if we are able to fund one of these aspects or not.

What project costs can the grant be used for?

We are open to any of your suggestions, but as a general rule we prefer to fund consumable costs (dive charges, travel costs, living expenses, boat rental, disposable equipment) rather than hardware that will out-live the life of the project. 

If you are successful, you will be required to:

1) Post regular project updates to our Facebook group explaining how your project is going and potential next steps, results, impact etc

2) Send us a copy of your final report that we will promote though our network. This should have our logo displayed along with those from other funding agencies

3) Create a video presentation of your completed work and post it to our Facebook group

*All videos posted will be shared to the Hub activity feed. As part of our commitment to the projects we award grants to, we will also publicise your work through all our networking channels!

Awarding of grants:

Those who are successful in their application will be notified by the beginning of March 2023. We will endeavour to let all unsuccessful applicants know by this date also, but this is dependant on application quantity. Grants will be paid via PayPal before the end of March 2023. Successful applicants will also be given free lifetime membership to our Hub.

Grant statement:

It is the aim of this program to grow over time and ultimately fund larger projects and not just those conducted by students. Aside from a small amount of generous affiliate donations, all of our grants are funded through our The Coral Reef Research Hub’s membership fees. As the Hub grows, more funding potential will exist and our grant program will expand. We are funded and run by real scientists, not politicians!

Funding disclaimer:

We do not fund based on ethnicity or gender, and whilst academic qualifications are paramount, what is key is the researchers ability to demonstrate that their work will attempt to help facilitate legislative change.

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