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Sunscreens UV Filters Risk for Coastal Marine Environment Biodiversity – A ReviewSamuele Caloni et alAugust 12, 2021,
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Effects of Future Climate on Coral-Coral CompetitionNicole Johnston et alAugust 13, 2020, ,
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Phase Shift From a Coral to Corallimorph Dominated Reef Associated with a Shipwreck on Palmyra AtollThierry Work et alAugust 20, 2008,
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Ecological Traits Influencing Anthropogenic Debris Ingestion by Herbivorous Reef FishGabriel Cardozo-Ferreira et alSeptember 3, 2021, ,
Ecological and Socioeconomic Strategies to Sustain Caribbean Coral Reefs in a High CO2 WorldAndreas Andersson et alMay 14, 2019, ,
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Space-Filling and Benthic Competition on Coral ReefsEmma George et alJune 29, 2021,
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Are We Sacrificing the Future of Coral Reefs on the Altar of the Climate Change NarrativeAvigdor Abelson et alDecember 12, 2019,
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Herbivory Facilitates Growth of a Key Reef Building Caribbean CoralAdam Suchley et alOctober 8, 2017, ,
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Substrate Stability and Coral Reef Resilience – Insights From 90 Years of DisturbancesCharles Birkelan et alSeptember 28, 2013,
Marine Artificial Reefs – A Meta Analysis of Their Design Objectives and EffectivenessBaptiste Viver et alMarch 11, 2021,
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Thermal Stress and Coral Cover as Drivers of Coral Disease OutbreaksJohn Bruno et alMay 8, 2007, ,
Multi-Disciplinary Lessons Learned From Low-Tech Coral Farming and Reef Rehabilitation pt2 Coral DemographyEdwin Hernandez et alMarch 28, 2018,
Wave Exposure Shapes Reef Community Composition and Recovery Trajectories at a Remote Coral AtollInes Lange et alSeptember 27, 2021,
Extreme Environmental Conditions Reduce Coral Reef Fish Biodiversity and ProductivitySimon Brandl et alJuly 31, 2020, ,
Coral Reef Resilience Index for Novel Ecosystems – Spacial Planning Tool for Managers and Decision Makers – A Case Study from Puerto RicoEdwin Hernandez et alMarch 1, 2018, ,
Biodiversity of Coral Reef Cryptobiota Shuffles But Does Not Decline Under Combined Stressors of Ocean Warming and AcidificationMolly Timmers et alSeptember 28, 2021, , ,
Seaweed-Coral Interactions: Variance in Seaweed Allelopathy, Coral Susceptibility, and Potential Effects on Coral ResilienceRoberta Bonaldo et alJanuary 22, 2014, ,
Is Coral Richness Related to Community Resistance to and Recovery from DisturbanceStacy Zhang et alMarch 18, 2014,
Spatial Ecology of Hawksbill Sea Turtles in Foraging HabitatsLourdes Martinez-Estevez et alJune 1, 2021
Community Similarity and Species Overlap Between Habitats Provide Inisght into the Deep Reef Refuge HypothesisAnthony Montgomery et alDecember 10, 2021,
Coral Bacterial Community Structure Responds to Environmental Change in a Host-Specific MannerMaren Ziegler et alSeptember 12, 2019,
Species-Specific Control of External Superoxide Levels by the Coral Holobiont During a Natural Bleaching EventJulia Diaz et alDecember 7, 2016, ,
Microbiomes of Fish, Sediment and Seagrass Suggest Connectivity of Coral Reef Microbial PopulationsRosa Leon-Zayas et alSeptember 21, 2020, , ,
Does Herbivorous Fish Protection Really Improve Coral Reef Resilience? A Case Study from New CaledoniaLaure Carassou et alApril 5, 2013, , ,
Reactive Oxygen Species and Dimethylated Sulphur Compounds in Coral Explants Under Acute Therma StressStephanie Gardner et alMay 15, 2017, ,
A Global Analysis of Coral Bleaching Over the Past Two DecadesShannon Sully et alMarch 20, 2019,
Time to Publish – Turnaround Times, Acceptance Rates and Impact Factors of Journals in Fisheries ScienceBrendan Runde et alSeptember 23, 2021
Ecological Changes Over 90 Years at Low Isles on the Great Barrier ReefMaoz Fine et alSeptember 17, 2019,
The Cost and Feasibility of Marine Coastal RestorationElisa Bayraktarov et alNovember 4, 2015,
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Compositional Homogeneity in the Pathobiome of a New Slow Spreading Coral DiseaseMichael Sweet et alNovember 22, 2019, ,
Enhanced Larval Supply and Recruitment can Replenish Reef Corals on Degraded ReefsDexter Cruz et alOctober 25, 2017, , ,
Status Of Coral Reefs in Malaysia 2020Reef CheckJanuary 1, 2020

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