Step by Step Guide to Reef Restoration (there is a better online version but this copied into here well).

A step-by-step guide for grassroots efforts to Reef Rehabilitation A publication of the Reef Ball Coral Team ã 2006, Reef Ball Foundation, Inc (images ©  by original owners) 890 Hill Street • Athens, Georgia  30606 Phones: 941-720-7549  •  770 752-0202 The Reef Ball Foundation is a Public 501(c) 3 Non-Profit Organization www.reefball.org, www.reefball.com, www.artificialreefs.org   STEP...

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Published Research on Reef Balls (This is just a dump of various scientific articles on artificial reefs that might be helpful for researchers)

http://reefball.wix.com/resources  Formal Scientific Papers (SCROLL DOWN FOR MORE PAPERS)   Quantitative Evaluation of Marine Growth on  Geosynthetic Reef Trials in Beaufort, North Carolina   Joseph Little PE, Little Environments PLLC, Joseph.Little@littleenvironments.com, jmlittl@gmail.com, +1   (919) 916-9061   Cameron Morris, Coastal Hydrology Inc., cmorris@coastalhydrology.com, +1 (770) 855-7330   Chris Metcalf,...

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