A Social Media Platform For Coral Reef Scientists and Managers

Network.  Connect.  Collaborate.  Succeed.

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The exclusive Coral Reef Research Hub membership platform has been designed to provide social networking services to coral reef scientists and managers around the world. We also offer a small research grant program, and a number of other member benefits including a resource repository, career opportunity postings and affiliate product discounts.

Our mission is to help early career scientists and seasoned coral reef professionals collaborate and network with each other through our social media style web interface. Whether you want to create specific interest research groups, publicise your latest publications or simply network to help forward your career then this is the place for you.


The Coral Reef Research Hub has three membership levels as listed below. We keep these charges down to a minimum as we understand that most of us who are lucky enough to work with coral reefs do so at the cost of our salaries! The benefit of these fees are twofold, Firstly, all profits after costs are invested back into our small research grant program, and secondly, having a paywall to our networking platform keeps it as legitimate as possible, and discourages scammers and spammers. Something that I am sure all our members appreciate!….and don’t forget you are free to cancel membership at any time so there really is no reason not to dive in and get networking!

Monthly membership costs $2.99 per month and gives you all the benefits of annual membership but without the commitment.

Annual Membership costs $29.99 per year and so offers savings for committed members who want to stick around and get the most out of our platform and associated services.

Institutional Membership costs $149.99 and is designed for organisations or academic institutions that would like to stay in touch with what’s going on but also want to run regular promotions and feature their services to our members.