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The Coral Reef Research Hub is a career development resource for a growing community of coral reef professionals, researchers and early career scientists. At the core of our Hub is a social media style interface that allows members to network with each other, create niche research groups and facilitate collaboration. With up-to-date career postings  (job openings, PhD positions, internships etc), researcher publication hosting, a small research grants program, and soon to arrive master classes and mentorships, the Coral Reef Research Hub is a unique online resource for those committed to get ahead in the highly competitive field of coral reef science.

We keep our membership fees to a minimum as we understand that most of us who work with coral reefs do so at the cost of our salaries! The benefit of these fees are twofold, Firstly, all profits after running costs are invested back into our service programs, and secondly, having a paywall keeps our community as secure and legitimate as possible, discouraging scammers and spammers. It also means we do not need to clutter our site with paid advertising, something that sets us apart from many other social networks!

Concessionary membership rates are available for students and/or researchers with financial restrictions.

To apply for this please join our free private Facebook group and contact the group administrator

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